Slacker Assessment

How developed are your slacker abilities?  Take the assessment below to find out:

(start with 20 points – minus one point for every “yes”, plus one point for every “no”)

  1. When the phone rings, do you answer each time you’re able? (minus 1 point if you immediately check voice mail)
  2. How many emails are unopened in your inbox? (add 2 points if you don’t have email)
  3. Are you known for remembering every birthday and anniversary of loved ones?
  4. And are you known for purchasing appropriate gifts for such events? (it’s okay if you say yes, there are support groups for people like you)
  5. Are you overdue for a dentist appointment? (add 2 points if you haven’t been in over 3 years)
  6. Do your children’s teachers see you at parent-teacher meetings?
  7. Do you encourage your children to do chores and finish homework? (this violation is slacker hotline material – check out the Contact page immediately)
  8. Are you on time for most of the appointments in your life?  (minus 1 point if you have a day planner or online scheduler)
  9. Do you tidy up before bedtime?
  10. Do you make your bed?
  11. Can your boss count on you for overtime and last minute projects?  (minus 2 pts if you have a job)
  12. When you say, “I didn’t do too much today” do you feel proud?  (add one point if you laugh or smile while thinking this thought)

Slacker ManifestingScoring:

Friend, those were trick questions!  Slackers don’t take assessments!

Try to do less next time.  🙂